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The Dominance of Words

Wordle’s are interesting visuals that show the usage of words. The bigger the word in the image represents more usage. To the right is a wordle made of Bucknell University’s mission statement. In Bucknell’s Mission Statement, some of the most … Continue reading

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From taking a glance at the English language it is surprising to discover exactly how many of the phrases we use to communicate are conceptual metaphors. Understanding things in the context of others is nothing new, but discovering exactly how … Continue reading

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Metaphors and Values

After speaking English all of my life, not once have I thought about the fact that my first language has a heavy usage of metaphor until I read excerpts from George Lakoff and Mark Johnson’s book Metaphors We Live By. I realized … Continue reading

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I love language and culture seminar.

I began at Bucknell only two weeks ago. This is a so different experience which different from my life before. I look forward to having a wonderful seminar this semester with professor Faull and my dear classmates.

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