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Skittles Commercials Comparison

Here are two skittle advertisements. The first one is from mainland China. It talks about a female high school student called the Skittles’ hot line and all her dream came true. She could recite the text backwards, she got into … Continue reading

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My Dear Culture Shock

It was a super sunny day when I arrived at Bucknell in August. I had not  seen this kind of blue sky with white clouds before in China. There are so few people on the road so the road looks … Continue reading

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A Metaphor with Long History: Chinese Metaphor

Almost all Chinese metaphor use can reveal the long history of China. For example, This man is an iron rooster means that this man is extremely mean, because other people even can’t get a feather from him. In Chinese culture, … Continue reading

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Greeting from CHINA!

Hi, this is Ziwei Chen from Beijing. I enjoy traveling and love nature and culture. Interested in landscapes and urban features in China? Maybe I am the one to whom you can share a piece of ideas and advice, or … Continue reading

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