Key concepts—Possible topics for Symposium poster or presentation

  • Direct/Indirect speech acts
  • Cooperative Principle
      • Maxims of conversation (Quality, Quantity. Relevance, Manner
  • Conversational Implicature
    • Primary and Secondary Illocutionary Force
  • Positive and Negative Face
  • FTAs
    • Positive and Negative politeness
    • Query Preparatory phrase
    • Mood derivable-Imperative
    • Power, Distance, Relative imposition and their relevance to cross-cultural concepts of politeness
    • Conversational routine
      • Turn taking, back-channeling, preferred and dispreferred turn structure, closings
    • Stereotyping, in-group/out-group
    • Hofstede’s Cultural dimensions
      • Masculine/feminine; individualistic/collectivist; uncertainty avoidance; high/low power distance;
    • Forms of address
      • Power semantics of pronouns; T/V distinction; honorifics;self/other specifiers; nicknames

These speech acts in CMC?

Gender/class/ ethnicity inflections?