Common Hours

Languages and Cultures 2015-16

Schedule of Common Hours

W      08/26       CH1—Discussion: Intercultural Communication–  Novinger Reading and Novinger questions

W  09/02  CH2 – Hofstede

Sat  09/05   optional activity– Kayak trip

W  09/09             Inter-lingual Chalk Talk

W  09/16  Cimarron concert

W       09/23**    International TAs On International Love – contact SY

W     09/30**       Chinese Moon Festival

10/07   Samek Gallery – R. Luke Dubois

W          10/14   CH 8–The Linguists–Language Death

W         10/21   CH 9Philippe Dubois – International Language of Food

W       10/28   CH 10- The International Language of Sport–Bastian Heinsohn

W         11/04              DC Trip

W         11/11  Diwali

W        11/18                CH13—Symposium Presentation Workshop

W         12/2                CH 14–Holiday Party: Festivals and Food

Sat        12/05               RESIDENTIAL COLLEGES SYMPOSIUM



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