Attendance and Grading

A class is a community, and being-there is important, as it still is in professional life beyond campus. Absences will reduce your semester points in the discussion and attendance category. More than three absences will begin to affect your semester grade. You will not be able to receive a passing grade with more than five absences. Exceptions of course will be made for written medical and administrative excuses.

Access Statement

Any student who may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact Heather Fowler, Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources at 570-577-1188 or to coordinate reasonable accommodations for those students with documented disabilities.

This course is offered as a W-1 course.


Grades will be calculated according to the following distribution:

  • Written/Digital Work   35%
  • Research Exercises        25%
  • Group Work                   15%
  • Participation                  10%
  • Symposium work          15%

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