Week Two

Week Two

Monday, Sept. 7

  • Discuss Hofstede
  • Read Hofstede 62-88

Wednesday, Sept 9

  • Discuss Hofstede
  • Hofstede misperceptions
  • Write exercises on pp. 83-88

Friday, Sept. 11

  • Discuss  interpretations of situations in Hofstede
  • Write three short skits/dialogues after the model of the attribution exercises that demonstrate the miscommunication that can occur between people coming from different cultures.  Each speaker should demonstrate opposing sides of  two of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.  Write a six to ten line dialog that reveals the miscommunication based on those cultural dimensions.Over the weekend, post them on the course site under the category “dialogue #1” (you can see models from last year’s students there too).
  • Post comments on two of your peers’ dialogues
  • For Monday, read Bowe/Martin Chapter 1


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