Week Eleven

Monday, Nov. 9

Chapter 9 Interpretation and Translation

Intercultural Advertisements

1) What sorts of images are used in the advertising?

2) Make a word cloud of the terms that come up in your brainstorming. What part of the “semantic field” of the advertisement’s message is being foregrounded?

3) Is price mentioned? Why/not?

4) What connection do you find between Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and modes of advertising?


What is the best way to test a translation?

In what ways do interpreters act as “institutional gatekeepers”? What problems exist in the medical field when it comes to the use of interpreters?
For Wednesday: Read Chapter 9, pp. 195-202

Wednesday, Nov. 11

Friday, Nov. 13

  • Report back on Translation examples!
  • For Monday, read Chapter 10, pp. 206-217


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