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James Linn

The graph above is the culmination of the work that Tong, Iris, and I have done on Linn’s Journals.  The red boxes represent a war.  The first war was on Feb 7-8 and the Union won, you can see the … Continue reading

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Skittles Commercials Comparison

Here are two skittle advertisements. The first one is from mainland China. It talks about a female high school student called the Skittles’ hot line and all her dream came true. She could recite the text backwards, she got into … Continue reading

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Commercials Across Cultures

The first commercial I looked at came from across the pond in the United Kingdom. This commercial was very successful because of its use of wit and irony. At first, the commercial pans to a group of store managers who … Continue reading

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Evian Water–American Version vs International Version

Evian Water American Version I am totally impressed by this Evian water advertisement that titled “Baby&Me”. The designer is so awesome and smart to come up with an idea that links babies and Evian water together. The spot shows adults … Continue reading

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How Oreo Markets its Product Across Cultures

French Oreo commercial This commercial is aimed at children, as shown by the young child teaching her father about how to properly eat an Oreo. In this case, the child has “more knowledge” than her father. Also, this commercial … Continue reading

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Luke Dubois

Although my hall arrived to the talk fashionably late, I was still able to fully appreciate this talk. This was an experience unlike any other I have ever had. His extensive knowledge of data and usage a computer data design … Continue reading

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Culture Shock and Recovery

Upon arriving at Bucknell my attention was instantly drawn to two things: The first was the warm manner in which all the students (including first-years) introduced themselves to me and patiently answered all of my questions. This observation was followed … Continue reading

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Colorful Metaphors

Conceptual metaphors are interesting because they reflect the human thought processes. Although it may seem obvious, people do not think serially; rather, humans think by making connections that expand across multiple thought domains.  They have an innate tendency to associate commonalities … Continue reading

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Scarves, Pies, and Guinness in a Can

Another week, and another big match day for the Gunners. They drew Tottenham in the League Cup, and Rog and Davo have a new podcast with predicting pies. What will the meat reveal? Yet even sans pies, I have my own … Continue reading

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Glad to Learn in the class of How We Do Things with Words

I wish my experience in residential college will be fantastic. Maybe after taking this class in this semester; I will try to learn another foreign language.  

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