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Cultural Miscommunication

Ozzie and Michaela Skit One: Hamza Yumza and James Baker, two teenage boys, have just finished playing basketball at the local park in Ridgewood, NJ. Hamza asks James to join him for dinner at his house as his mom has … Continue reading

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The Cultural Follies by Sydney and Reed

Written by Sydney and Reed   Background: An American, named Stephan, has recently moved to Germany to realize his life long dream of making lederhosen. While he loves the “lederhosen” look, he is more or less clueless about actual German … Continue reading

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A Mix of Miscommunications

Amanda Stefura and Maddie Galvez 1.) Character A is hosting dinner at their house and invites character B. Once at character A’s house, everyone is sitting down and A’s family members start to serve food to the guests.  A: Here have some more chicken … Continue reading

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Written by: Matt Fay and Ryan Wang 1. Mark, from America, is talking to Tim, from Japan.   Mark: I hope to be the owner of a multi million dollar company one day! Tim: That would be nice wouldn’t it. Mark: … Continue reading

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Haipu and Tyler’s (out-of-this-country) skits

Authors: Tyler Candelora & Haipu Sun First Skit: An American couple (John and Betty Johnson) move to China, and they buy an apartment where a lot of Chinese tenants live. Several days after moving in they were coming back to … Continue reading

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Three Skits

Written by Brittany Caceres and Sophie Giuliani Character K and Character L met each other in college and instantly connected. They decide to go out shopping together. K: Hey, look! They’ve come out with a new iPod! L: Hmmm, oh … Continue reading

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Dialogue with cultural misunderstanding

Author: Ziwei Chen, Charles Yang #1 Aedan, an Irish, was invited to a dinner with his German friend, Niklas. The German was preparing the meal, and other German guests were chatting in the living room. One Friday night, I invited … Continue reading

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Friday after Work

Author: Iris Fu, Xiaoyan Liu. Dialogue #1 In a Japanese company, there are a Japanese male manager J, two Japanese employees A and B and a Dutch employee C. (Friday 5pm, manager J walks out of his office.) J: Let’s … Continue reading

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Krysta Holman and Sierra Magnotta Dialogue

Woman (walking into man’s office): Hey, I was wondering if I could be assigned to that project we talked about at the meeting today? Man: Um, I’m not sure that’s the best project for you right now. Woman: Oh, what … Continue reading

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Cultural Dimensions Dialogue with Chloe!

It is Howard’s first day at work.  He walks into the conference room with his superior Bob and sits down at the head of the table. H: Good Morning!  My name is Howard and I have two lovely daughters- Gertrude … Continue reading

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