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About Ziwei Chen

Ziwei Chen is a first-year Bucknellian under an undeclared major but with an interest in sociology. She comes from Beijing, China and speaks Chinese and English.

Intercultural interpretation of Audi

American version Thousands of “zombies”–men in shabby clothes–ran after the polished Audi car with metallic luster but were locked out of the splendid car service building, and the commercial ended with “Don’t let your Audi fall into the wrong hands”. This commercial … Continue reading

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Behind the Big Data

I am somewhat overwhelmed by R. Luke Dubois’s art vision. Portraits on words? Artworks on data? I laugh at the Hindsight eye chart of each US presidents for its historical sarcasm; I wonder about  the words on  A More Perfect Union map and try … Continue reading

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Political apologies

We understand that people make mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally, but what makes the situation interesting is the way they response to their mistakes and make apologies (or not), with their full attention and intention. The cases become especially interesting in … Continue reading

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Dialogue with cultural misunderstanding

Author: Ziwei Chen, Charles Yang #1 Aedan, an Irish, was invited to a dinner with his German friend, Niklas. The German was preparing the meal, and other German guests were chatting in the living room. One Friday night, I invited … Continue reading

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Culture Shock

Studying abroad is definitely an idea as crazy as it can be, not to say traveling after a 13-hour flight from China in East Asia to a different world in North America. Language has been the greatest barrier for me … Continue reading

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Wordle & Ngram analysis

The Bucknell Mission, apart from “Bucknell” and “students” as the most dominant words, emphases “residential”, “intellectual”, “learning”, “diverse” “arts”and “liberal”.  Therefore it is reasonable to expect the academic experience of Bucknell as traditional liberal art education within a diverse environment … Continue reading

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Exploring traditional Chinese culture through metaphors

It’s very eye-opening to learn about conceptual metaphors that shape not only our languages but also our thoughts and actions. I find three very popular sayings in Chinese that reveal very traditional ideas of my home country. 1)  “Marriage is … Continue reading

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Greeting from CHINA!

Hi, this is Ziwei Chen from Beijing. I enjoy traveling and love nature and culture. Interested in landscapes and urban features in China? Maybe I am the one to whom you can share a piece of ideas and advice, or … Continue reading

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