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My name is Xiaoyan Liu, which means smiley face in English. I come from China and Chinese is my mother language. This my first time to study abroad and I am so excited to embrace beautiful Bucknell. My intended major is accounting and financial management.

Evian Water–American Version vs International Version

Evian Water American Version I am totally impressed by this Evian water advertisement that titled “Baby&Me”. The designer is so awesome and smart to come up with an idea that links babies and Evian water together. The spot shows adults … Continue reading

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Unusual Art

“He is incredibly amazing” is my actual feeling after visiting Luke Dubois’s art exhibition. I was really impressed and surprised by Luke Dubois’s digital arts on Wednesday night. It’s my honor to get a chance to hear from this great … Continue reading

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How do politicians apologize skillfully?

Bill Clinton “Sex Scandal” In 1998, a sex scandal emerged between President Clinton and an intern Monica Lewinsky who worked in White House. In January, Clinton filed a deposition denying that he had sexual relations with Lewinsky. Six months later, … Continue reading

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My Dear Culture Shock

It was a super sunny day when I arrived at Bucknell in August. I had not  seen this kind of blue sky with white clouds before in China. There are so few people on the road so the road looks … Continue reading

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Language Game Wordle & Ngram

The above picture is the Wordle created from the Bucknell Mission Statement. Apparently, the most common word is “students” (if “Bucknell” does not count). Besides “Bucknell” and “students”, the following subdominant words are “intellectual”, “residential”, ”diverse”, “learning”, ”liberal”, “program” and … Continue reading

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Conceptual Metaphor in Daily Chinese

I didn’t realize the prevalence of metaphor usage in daily life until once I read some excerpts from professor Lakeoff, who devoted himself to linguistic research, especially in conceptual metaphor. I felt so interested in this amazing field and I … Continue reading

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I love language and culture seminar.

I began at Bucknell only two weeks ago. This is a so different experience which different from my life before. I look forward to having a wonderful seminar this semester with professor Faull and my dear classmates.

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