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My name is Iris Xing Fu. I'm from Beijing, China. I can speak Mandarin, English, a little bit of Japanese, and I'm currently learning French as a beginner. My major is Accounting and Financial Management.

Skittles Commercials Comparison

Here are two skittle advertisements. The first one is from mainland China. It talks about a female high school student called the Skittles’ hot line and all her dream came true. She could recite the text backwards, she got into … Continue reading

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Art Exhibition Luke DeBois

This Wednesday during common hour, we went to the talk and art exhibition of a NYU professor Luke DeBois. He showed us some of his art works, mainly generated from big data. At first I only know that Prof. DeBois … Continue reading

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Politician Apology

Hillary Clinton’s Apology Hillary Clinton apologizes for using personal email address sends business related information. Before her apology, she first re-stated several key concepts and show that she did not have any bad intent. She did this for convenience, which was … Continue reading

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Friday after Work

Author: Iris Fu, Xiaoyan Liu. Dialogue #1 In a Japanese company, there are a Japanese male manager J, two Japanese employees A and B and a Dutch employee C. (Friday 5pm, manager J walks out of his office.) J: Let’s … Continue reading

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Cultural Shock

The very first moment I’m in Bucknell, it was a relief. With 24+ hours of flight and 5 hours of the shuttle bus, I just want to have a rest on my new bed. When I got off the shuttle bus, … Continue reading

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Language Game

Bucknell’s Mission Statement The picture below is the word cloud for Bucknell’s mission statement. As we can see, “Bucknell” and “students” are dominant words. “Intellectual”, “residential”, “liberal”, “learning”, “programs” and “diverse” are subordinate. Since the visualization is based on the … Continue reading

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Conceptual Metaphor in Chinese

Find three examples of conceptual metaphors in your first language.  In what ways do they reveal something about the societal values of your culture? 1. “Hit basketball”. When we go to play badminton or basketball or any kinds of ball, … Continue reading

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Wednesday is the toughest day of the week.

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