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Tyler Candelora is a first-year student at Bucknell University. He is from Coal Township, PA. He speaks English but is currently learning Spanish, French, and Arabic. Tyler is a comparative humanities and language major.

Advertisements Around the World

My first commercial, in Spanish, was aired in Spain. This is a clever advertisement that McDonald’s uses to promote their food. There is a family sitting down in the dining area of the McDonald’s. The commercial creates a nostalgic feeling of … Continue reading

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The Industrial Age of Art

I must admit, I don’t think I have ever been to a true art exhibit. Yet, I was thoroughly entertained throughout the night. Mr. Dubois was definitely an interesting artist to say the least. He held a creative atmosphere around … Continue reading

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The Unforgotten Apologies

  Tyler Candelora Political Apologies   Israeli politician’s wife apologizes for Obama ‘joke’ Judy Mozes, the wife of Likud MK Silvan Shalom, Israeli’s Minister of the Interior, expressed a direct joke at Barack Obama. The Joke: “Do u know what … Continue reading

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Haipu and Tyler’s (out-of-this-country) skits

Authors: Tyler Candelora & Haipu Sun First Skit: An American couple (John and Betty Johnson) move to China, and they buy an apartment where a lot of Chinese tenants live. Several days after moving in they were coming back to … Continue reading

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Are You a Victim of Culture Shock?

From country to country, people find many disparities in different cultures other than their own.  Consequently, these differences may effect a certain person in manners unprecedented to them before the encounter. The state of frustration involved in this case is referred to … Continue reading

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Can you Wordle?

The most noticeable words on this picture are Bucknell, students, diverse, learning, intellectual, programs, and liberal. Some subordinate words are deep, future, unique, and virtue. In terms of the mission statement, I believe Bucknell puts an enormous emphasis on the … Continue reading

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The Backbone of Language: Conceptual Metaphors

As I began to ponder on the idea of conceptual metaphors in English, I followed the path of poetry, around the gate of knowledge, to the intersection of thought. 1. “For Love is immortality.” My favorite poet, Emily Dickinson, has a … Continue reading

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I am a rock

The title may deceive and disappoint some, but I am not an actual rock, rather I can be stoic in my emotions.  

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