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Sophie Giuliani comes from Fanwood, NJ, and she speaks English.

How Oreo Markets its Product Across Cultures

French Oreo commercial This commercial is aimed at children, as shown by the young child teaching her father about how to properly eat an Oreo. In this case, the child has “more knowledge” than her father. Also, this commercial … Continue reading

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DuBois and Art

To be honest, I had heard of DuBois before. By that I mean that I had read about him and his work in the daily Bucknell Message Center Digest. I was interested, but not terribly. I didn’t think that he … Continue reading

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Three Skits

Written by Brittany Caceres and Sophie Giuliani Character K and Character L met each other in college and instantly connected. They decide to go out shopping together. K: Hey, look! They’ve come out with a new iPod! L: Hmmm, oh … Continue reading

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Culture Shock of Not Quite One Billion Volts

Moving to Bucknell, for me, was like stepping into the world of Oz or Wonderland. It was just so different from what I was used to. First of all, I came from a high school where there were just sixty … Continue reading

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Looking at Words

Here is the Wordle created with the Bucknell Mission Statement. Aside from the words “Bucknell” and “students”, the most prominent words are “intellectual”, “diverse”, “liberal”, “arts”, “learning”, etc. The more subordinate words are words such as “active”, “critical”, “sensitive”, “classroom”, … Continue reading

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A Glimpse into an English Speaker’s World

Some examples of conceptual metaphors in the English language are “sadness is blue”, “an awkward or controversial topic is an elephant in a room”, and “life is a game”. All three of these metaphors, according to Professor Lakoff, reflect how … Continue reading

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To Be Deleted

Here are some words that will later be deleted. Since this will be gone soon, I shall confess that I have a cat. His name is Sammy, and he is lovely. I also love the landscapes that can be found … Continue reading

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