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Sydney Janitschke is a first year student, Presidential Fellow, and Mathematics Major at Bucknell University. She is from Chicago, Illinois and speaks English and Spanish.

Commercials Across Cultures

The first commercial I looked at came from across the pond in the United Kingdom. This commercial was very successful because of its use of wit and irony. At first, the commercial pans to a group of store managers who … Continue reading

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A Few Words With An Artist

I can’t say that I have been to many talks where the actual artist is able to present their work in real life. However, I thought that the talk with Luke Dubois was fascinating. He represents a new, unique style … Continue reading

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Political Apologies Example 1: Reagan and Thatcher  A great historical example of political apologies occurred between President Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher over forty years ago. Reagan had sent American troops to dismantle the government in Grenada. However, Grenada was … Continue reading

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College Culture Shock

Freshmen encounter massive amounts of culture shock when they head off to college. My experience at Bucknell so far has been no exception. I came to Bucknell early through a pre-orientation trip and that is when the “Honeymoon” phase of my … Continue reading

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How We Do Things With Wordle

A lot of the dominant words in Bucknell’s mission statement are Bucknell, intellectual, learning, and students as shown above in the Wordle. Other words like size and virtue are less abundant. This visual represents that Bucknell puts a lot of … Continue reading

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Conceptual Metaphors

For North Americans whose first language is English, we utilize conceptual metaphors in our everyday speech in order to relate ideas and events. A lot of times we speak as if our Behavior is a Play. For example, when someone is … Continue reading

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The First Year Life

I love being able to go to the library at all hours of the day.

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