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Sierra’s Conversation With Jeremy

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“I Like to Think That Oysters Transcend National Barriers.” – Roger Waters

During the concert tonight, I discovered that several elements of the music being played sounded very similar to the music I am familiar with. In particular, many of the songs played by the quartet followed the traditional pattern of starting … Continue reading

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Sierra Magnotta and Caroline Whitman Apologies

Dennis Rodman apologizes to Kenneth Bae’s family In Rodman’s apology, all three components of an apology are used. First, Rodman uses regretful acknowledgement of guilt or fault by stating his remorse. Rodman also points out that he “should know … Continue reading

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Face Twine Stories

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Krysta Holman and Sierra Magnotta Dialogue

Woman (walking into man’s office): Hey, I was wondering if I could be assigned to that project we talked about at the meeting today? Man: Um, I’m not sure that’s the best project for you right now. Woman: Oh, what … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad vs. Vineyard Vines: The Ultimate Battle

On the Friday that I arrived at Bucknell, I put special thought into my outfit for the day. Something comfortable was needed, because I would be unpacking all of my things and walking around a lot all day. But I … Continue reading

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Mission Statements and Independence: Using Wordle and NGrams to Spot Trends

Taking everyone by surprise, the most used word in Bucknell’s mission statement is ‘Bucknell’. Aside from that, words such as learning, students, and diverse are also used fairly often. Words like passion, environment, and strive are left out in the … Continue reading

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Metaphors are Cool Things

The idea that “love is war” pervades every facet of a person’s romantic conquests (example #1). Referring to love as a conquest shows that our culture views love and relationships as something that is fought over. “He won my heart” … Continue reading

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