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Hiya. I am from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and speak English and conversational German. I have traveled to Canada and through the States.

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Oy Hanoi

Within the first few minutes of the show I noticed the electronic elements Sounds of Hanoi used are reminiscent of Northern European electronic bands.  It is characteristic of these bands to take a sound to incorporate the beat, then push … Continue reading

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Public Apology Dave Brandon stated in his post-incident interview that “no player should play with a concussion.”  This is the IFID or expression of regret.  The explanation of the account actually contradicts the Taking of Responsibility because he blamed the incident … Continue reading

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Twine Here is the link to my twined dialogues!  

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Cultural Dimensions Dialogue with Chloe!

It is Howard’s first day at work.  He walks into the conference room with his superior Bob and sits down at the head of the table. H: Good Morning!  My name is Howard and I have two lovely daughters- Gertrude … Continue reading

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Hofstede’s 5 Cultural Barriers

Lewisburg is rich in history, but geographically isolated from some of the metropolitan amenities I grew up with.  Detroit (even in it’s bankrupted state) has ample shopping, dining, art institutes, Motown shrines, science centers, factories, small businesses, large businesses, and … Continue reading

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Wordle and NGram

Wordle selected “Bucknell” to be the largest word, but the words “students”, “programs”, “intellectual”, “arts”, “diverse”, “learning”, and “residential” also stood out.  Although none of the words were miniscule, words like “rich”, “serve”, “seeks”, “dedication”, and “higher” were the smallest. … Continue reading

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Three American Conceptual Metaphors

My three conceptual metaphors are time is money, a bubbly personality, and a slippery slope. Time is money-  Americans are notoriously impatient and quick to act- our economic system favors these characteristics.   We pack our schedules full, trying to accomplish … Continue reading

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