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Osman Vehra is a student at Bucknell University, where he intends on majoring in financial management and accounting. Mr. Vehra grew up in Ridgewood, NJ and has a working proficiency in three languages: English, Urdu and Hindi. He also has an elementary proficiency in Spanish.

Just Google It

Google is ubiquitously viewed as a universal search engine that helps solve our problems, connects us with people from all cultures and entertains us. My twelfth grade Spanish teacher created a verb called “Googlear” because she always recommended us to … Continue reading

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Data and Art

Roger Luke Dubois has unknowingly changed the way I view art. Mr. Dubois’ notion that data and the mining of big data can be an expression of emotion or creativity conflicted with my understanding of artwork. Dubois and other artists … Continue reading

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High Profile Apologies

Sophie Giuliani & Ozzie Vehra Apology #1:  In 1998, Bill Clinton admitted to having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern who was significantly younger than President Clinton. After admitting that he had an affair with Ms. … Continue reading

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Cultural Miscommunication

Ozzie and Michaela Skit One: Hamza Yumza and James Baker, two teenage boys, have just finished playing basketball at the local park in Ridgewood, NJ. Hamza asks James to join him for dinner at his house as his mom has … Continue reading

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Culture Shock: It preys on college students

I have never had a difficult time communicating with people from different backgrounds, but becoming acclimated to the culture at Bucknell has proven to be rather challenging. During new student orientation, I felt readily welcomed by my fellow peers. In what … Continue reading

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Pakistani Conceptual Metaphors

Conceptual metaphors surface all the time in our daily conversations, yet we are not cognizant of the fact that we are using one concept to relate and explain it to another concept. As a Pakistani-America, I use conceptual metaphors that … Continue reading

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Language Games

About three days before I headed off to Bucknell, my grandmother hesitantly asked me, “What is the name of your school again?”. She then followed up that insulting, but honest question, by asking about the location of the school and … Continue reading

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Why the NBA is poised to become more profitable than the NFL advances in science and technology, less parents are signing their kids up for pop warner football.

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