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Madeline (Maddie) Galvez is originally from Washington D.C with a Guatemalan and El Salvadorean ethnic background. She speaks Spanish and English fluently,has taken Mandarin for 3 years and Latin for 8 years.

Reactions to Luke DuBois

I went into the Luke Dubois art talk expecting nothing in particular, I had not bothered to ponder about what media this unknown (to me) artist used most in his pieces and most certainly did not think about what motivated … Continue reading

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Culture Shock and Recovery

Upon arriving at Bucknell my attention was instantly drawn to two things: The first was the warm manner in which all the students (including first-years) introduced themselves to me and patiently answered all of my questions. This observation was followed … Continue reading

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Teddy Ngrams and Cup of Wordles

  Wordles are visually appealing        “word clouds” that map out the frequency of words within any given text by manipulating their size. The more any given word appears within the selected text, the larger that word appears … Continue reading

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From taking a glance at the English language it is surprising to discover exactly how many of the phrases we use to communicate are conceptual metaphors. Understanding things in the context of others is nothing new, but discovering exactly how … Continue reading

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Diarrhea of the mouth

Some people suffer from chronic diarrhea of the mouth, a very common illness that plagues many communities. This disease is characterized by the urge to speak non-stop all the time, this incessant talking usually has no content.

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