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Michaela Mendygral is from Wallingford, Connecticut. She is an International Relations major and speaks English.

“He Cares” Vs. The Australian Bear

I found an American commercial from the “Top Super Bowl Commercials” which showed little kids playing and calling for their dad. It is appealing to American views of patriarchy in which your father is seen as a “super hero.” The … Continue reading

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Luke Dubois

Although my hall arrived to the talk fashionably late, I was still able to fully appreciate this talk. This was an experience unlike any other I have ever had. His extensive knowledge of data and usage a computer data design … Continue reading

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Oops I Did it Again

Michaela Mendygral The Power of an Apology   How do politicians apologize? Three different forms of high profile apologies: Describe their acts of apology in terms of a) regretful acknowledgement of guilt or fault, b) lack of bad intent, c) … Continue reading

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Culture Shock

“Culture Shock” at Bucknell During my first two weeks at Bucknell, I felt that I was more at ease with the culture than I had anticipated. Certain things were very different from the norm I was accustomed to. I had … Continue reading

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Language Games

In making the Wordle, the most commonly used words were Bucknell, students, and learning. Some other terms that were slightly smaller were intellectual, liberal, and diverse. This visual gives the impression that Bucknell values it’s students and there education. The … Continue reading

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Metaphors used in the English language

There is plenty of fish in the sea- This is a term commonly used when telling someone that there is many other options (people) available, so don’t stress about any one individual. America is the land of opportunity and this … Continue reading

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Testing…1, 2, 3

I hate using computers, but blogging should be fun!!!

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