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Matt Fay is from New Rochelle, NY.

James Linn

The graph above is the culmination of the work that Tong, Iris, and I have done on Linn’s Journals.  The red boxes represent a war.  The first war was on Feb 7-8 and the Union won, you can see the … Continue reading

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M&M’s Commercial American vs. Mexican

This commercial is and American Ad for M&M’s.  It uses characters that are M&M’s to portray its product.  I think that they do this to mark their brand with a personality.  One M&M isn’t as smart as the other, while … Continue reading

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Written by: Matt Fay and Ryan Wang 1. Mark, from America, is talking to Tim, from Japan.   Mark: I hope to be the owner of a multi million dollar company one day! Tim: That would be nice wouldn’t it. Mark: … Continue reading

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Culture Shock at Bucknell

New Rochelle, NY, my hometown, is known for its diversity.  Because of this diversity, I had been introduced to many different socioeconomic backgrounds.  I felt as though that made me someone who was comfortable with all cultures and backgrounds.  When … Continue reading

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The Wordle of Bucknell shows that “Bucknell” is the most used word.  To me, this says that Bucknell is very unique.  “Students, Diverse, and Residential” are all used frequently as well.  This shows the reader what Bucknell is all about. … Continue reading

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I have a lot of classes on Wednesdays  

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