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I'm a 2019er from China and major in Computer Science Engineering.

Jaguar Ad around the World

In whatever culture, the advertisements about cars will always show us the image of the powerful car running on the road with its engine roaring furiously leaving audience an impression of speed and freedom, sometimes elegant and luxury. So considering … Continue reading

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Combination of Data and Art

Before I attend this meeting, I never thought that art and data can be combined. I used to consider data visualization as a kind of logical and sensible technology which is totally impersonal. So when Dubois said that his data … Continue reading

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How Politicians Do Apology with Words

Hillary’s Apology explanation and vindication Recently, Hillary was accused that she was exchanging classified information in her private email with others. Hillary’s first reaction was to deny the accusation. Actually, she admitted that she was using her private email … Continue reading

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Prelude of Four Years

Before I came to America, I tried to be well prepared; however, no matter how comprehensive I was, unexpected things always happen. Miserable “What’s up man?” In China, I began learning English with how to greet with each other, and … Continue reading

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See What I Have

After I made this word cloud, I was not surprised that words like “Bucknell”, “student”, “liberal” and “art” are bigger which also means appear more often than the other words. So I think if I really want to find what … Continue reading

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A Metaphor with Long History: Chinese Metaphor

Almost all Chinese metaphor use can reveal the long history of China. For example, This man is an iron rooster means that this man is extremely mean, because other people even can’t get a feather from him. In Chinese culture, … Continue reading

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Glad to Learn in the class of How We Do Things with Words

I wish my experience in residential college will be fantastic. Maybe after taking this class in this semester; I will try to learn another foreign language.  

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