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About Charles Yang

Charles Yang is a student at Bucknell University. Lewisburg PA. He is from Los Angeles, California. He speaks Chinese and English.

Got Milk?

American versus Japanese Got Milk Commercial In this Got Milk commercial, Dwayne’s family runs out of milk in the morning. The girls are disappointed and Dwayne frantically chase after the milk truck. The background music becomes intense and fast paced … Continue reading

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Data Innovation

Before the art exhibition presentation and interview I have always thought modern art as drawing squares and circles. However, I was totally wrong as Luke Dubois collects everyday data through computer programming and visualizes it. Moreover, through the visualization data … Continue reading

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Politician Apology

 Trump surprised Bush did not push harder for apology to wife Trump in a immigration debate went too far into suggesting that Bush’s view on immigration is influenced by his Mexican born wife.  “If my wife were from Mexico, I … Continue reading

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Are you Americanized?

When I first arrived Bucknell I was excited because everyone else was excited. Upperclass men wearing orange t-shirts jumping up and down, while screaming “Charles Yang from California is here!”  A new environment, new people,traditions and rules, I have to … Continue reading

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The Fashion Trend Of Words

The words Bucknell and students are dominant that represent the framework of this institution. The subordinates are programs, learning, diverse, intellectual , residential and liberal. The mission statement of Bucknell emphasizes the invaluable education the student will receive through learning … Continue reading

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An Insight Into Conceptual Metaphor

  A peak into common conceptual metaphor that every Chinese knows! 不要在一棵树上吊死  Don’t hang on one tree. The traditional Chinese saying “Don’t hang one one tree” is a common metaphor that describes the human nature of stubbornness and the act of limiting … Continue reading

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