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Reed Widdoes is a first year student at Bucknell University. He is from Pittsburgh P.A. and spent his high school years at a small boarding school in south central P.A. called Mercerburg Academy. His intended majors are International Relations and Linguistics. He speaks English, as well as minimal Spanish and Italian, and even less French and German.

It’s [not] to late to apologize!

How do politicians apologize?  Find three examples of high profile apologies.  Describe their acts of apology in terms of a) regretful acknowledgement of guilt or fault, b) lack of bad intent, c) explanation or vindication.  What kinds of IFIDs can … Continue reading

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The Cultural Follies by Sydney and Reed

Written by Sydney and Reed   Background: An American, named Stephan, has recently moved to Germany to realize his life long dream of making lederhosen. While he loves the “lederhosen” look, he is more or less clueless about actual German … Continue reading

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Shock the Money- Peter Gabriel

Golly, have my first two weeks at Bucknell been shocking… culturally shocking that is. Its been a 3 week whirlwind of rushed, wry smiles, and while adjusting has been the last thing on my mind, I have been culturally adapting … Continue reading

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Trends in Words

                What really stands out to me about this Wordle is the sort of balance between Residential and Intellectual life. They seem to be two of the larger parts of life at Bucknell, … Continue reading

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Conceptual Metaphors

The English language is filled with conceptual metaphors. From time to love to language itself, anything and everything can be put in a different context. Here are some that English speakers may not realize they use every day: Political Personification- … Continue reading

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Scarves, Pies, and Guinness in a Can

Another week, and another big match day for the Gunners. They drew Tottenham in the League Cup, and Rog and Davo have a new podcast with predicting pies. What will the meat reveal? Yet even sans pies, I have my own … Continue reading

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