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Brittany Caceres is a first year Mechanical Engineering Major attending Bucknell University. She is from Queens, NY and fluent in Spanish and English and proficient Portuguese.

Shock Factor

Culture shock is not a new term or experience for me. last year before embarking on my gap year to Brazil I was drilled on the different parts of the “u” how the curve can be more like an infinite, … Continue reading

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Wordcloud Analysis

Bucknell is predictably the most common word in the mission statement and the second most prominent word is “students”, again unsurprising considering the type of institution Bucknell is. The next batch varies a little more, and did carry some surprises: intellectual, … Continue reading

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Metaphors in Ecuadorian Spanish

As a first generation American in my family, my first language was not English. In my household Spanish was the official language and English was an annoyance rarely dealt with. I never had a formal Spanish class until high school but for … Continue reading

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BlogPost Test1 BC

How We Do Things With Words Blog Post 1  

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