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Amanda Stefura is a first year student at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA currently studying in the School of Management. She is originally from Boston, MA and is fluent in English.

Cultural Dimensions of Commercials

Canadian vs. German Commercials The first advertisement I looked at was a Canadian Tim Hortons commercial appealing to a Canadian audience by using images of collectivism, hockey and nationalism. Using Sidney Crosby in the advertisement appeals to Canadians as he … Continue reading

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Art Exhibit Reactions

I found Luke Dubois to be an incredibly talented artist who takes very unique approaches to expressing his ideas through his art. I have never experienced art in the forms that he had created so I was intrigued and impressed … Continue reading

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Sorry Not Sorry

Amanda Stefura & Madeline Galvez  According to the creators of a model of politeness in 1978, Brown and Levinson, “‘face’ refers to the desire that all people have to maintain and defend their own self-image” (Bowe, Martin, and Manns, 53). … Continue reading

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A Mix of Miscommunications

Amanda Stefura and Maddie Galvez 1.) Character A is hosting dinner at their house and invites character B. Once at character A’s house, everyone is sitting down and A’s family members start to serve food to the guests.  A: Here have some more chicken … Continue reading

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Culture Shock: Featuring Lily Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines

“Here’s your ID, don’t lose it. Here is your key, don’t lose that either. Welcome to Bucknell!” That was the first interaction I had on Bucknell University’s campus. It was move-in day and I was filled with excitement and nerves. … Continue reading

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The Dominance of Words

Wordle’s are interesting visuals that show the usage of words. The bigger the word in the image represents more usage. To the right is a wordle made of Bucknell University’s mission statement. In Bucknell’s Mission Statement, some of the most … Continue reading

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Metaphors and Values

After speaking English all of my life, not once have I thought about the fact that my first language has a heavy usage of metaphor until I read excerpts from George Lakoff and Mark Johnson’s book Metaphors We Live By. I realized … Continue reading

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Why is college so expensive

It is only day 3 and I have already spent way too much money.

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