Skittles Commercials Comparison

Here are two skittle advertisements. The first one is from mainland China. It talks about a female high school student called the Skittles’ hot line and all her dream came true. She could recite the text backwards, she got into PKU, one of the best universities in China, she was even offered a job from Google.  This advertisement shows the incredible magic of Skittles.

I believe the second advertisement is from America. Although there’s no human voice in this advertisement, the style of the houses are Americanized. It talks about a man exchanged a packet of Skittles for a singing rabbit. At night, the singing rabbit bitted the person and ran, but in comparison to this, the man who got the Skittles ate and watched TV happily. This advertisement shows Skittles are even more precious than the singing rabbit.

Hofstede US China



The first advertisement used a pretty female student to appeal to the male audience of this advertisement. The girl was kind of stupid from my point of view since she did not study well but had lots of unrealistic dreams. This is a degraded of female, which furthermore shows that mainland China is a masculine culture. China is long-term orientated. High school students study hard under harsh environment to get into their dreamed university. American is also a masculine culture, so two characters in the second advertisements are both man. American is more short-term orientated, so eat Skittles and watch TV is a fascinating thing. China is more a collectivism country, so when the class heard that the girl got into the PKU, the class was astonished. They’re surprised and envy the girl who was so lucky to get all of this. In comparison to this, only two persons appeared in the second advertisement because American is more individualism. If the second advertisement happened in China, there would be lots of people to come and see the rabbit.

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    Good work! Singing rabbits??

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