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Bucknell’s Mission Statement

The picture below is the word cloud for Bucknell’s mission statement.

Bucknell Mission Statement

As we can see, “Bucknell” and “students” are dominant words. “Intellectual”, “residential”, “liberal”, “learning”, “programs” and “diverse” are subordinate. Since the visualization is based on the frequency that a word appears, it shows Bucknell’s Mission statement indicates the academic experience in Bucknell should be intellectual, residential, liberal and diversified.


The use of word “Bucknell” has fluctuation with the highest peak around 1941-1950, the other two lower peaks are around 1923-1928 and 1961-1966. The sources for this data is the book in English that Google has digitalized.

Liberal, Professional

After typing in “liberal, professional”, the graph shows that the frequency for word “professional” appear in the books and essays has increased dramatically over the recent a hundred years. This may show that modern standard requires all occupation to be more professional and specialize on what they’re doing. As for “liberal”, the frequency of this word does not varies as much as the frequency of “professional”, and it’s maintaining at an level. This shows that through out recent more than two hundred years, “liberal” was never outdated, and Bucknell’s mission is not outdated as well.


The Declaration of Independence

The picture below is the word cloud for the first two paragraph of The Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence

The word “government” and “powers” are dominant. The picture below is the screengrab of the Ngram of those two words.

Government, Powers

This Ngram shows that the frequency of appearance of “power” had decreased over years. Although there’re fluctuations of the frequency of the word “government”, it comes back high in the recent decade. This means during the peace era, the word “government” is less frequent to be mentioned. “Power” on the other hand, is constantly decreasing, since modern people are more into equality in stead of classes and hierarchy system in which power shows status and rights.





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