Conceptual Metaphor in Chinese

Find three examples of conceptual metaphors in your first language.  In what ways do they reveal something about the societal values of your culture?

1. “Hit basketball”. When we go to play badminton or basketball or any kinds of ball, we will say go to “Do you want to go hit (basket)ball?” “Hit” is a violate word compare to words in English like “play the basketball”. This indicates that Chinese see any kinds of sports involving a ball is a competitive thing. Each of the two players want to beat the other one. Other similar words includes “hit words” (typing), “beat the game” (playing computer games).

2. “Eat Tofu”. This clause means to take advantage of someone. It involves “eat”, which is an active verb, and when you eat something, it’s yours. Tofu is white and resilient food, which correspond with Chinese standard of beauty. In other words, when you’re taking advantage of someone, it’s assumed that you have got the beautiful side without any punishment.

3.  “Sit the roller coaster”. When you’re going to take a ride of the roller coaster in the amusement park, we call it to “sit the roller coaster”. Because most of the roller coaster requires to be seated, the seated part of this game is shown. On the other hand, we can also see the beautiful images of the amusement park on the roller coaster, which is ignored in this clause


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