The Backbone of Language: Conceptual Metaphors

As I began to ponder on the idea of conceptual metaphors in English, I followed the path of poetry, around the gate of knowledge, to the intersection of thought.

1. “For Love is immortality.”unable-are-the-loved-to-die

My favorite poet, Emily Dickinson, has a number of poems concerning love. In one of her brilliant poems Unable Are The Loved To Die, she states that “For Love is immortality.” Something truly significant about this verse is that she personifies love by capitalizing the letter “L”. In this way, she explains how humans believe that love is forever, even after death. That love is an unbreakable bond between two people.


2. “I am closing the door to the past.” (Door=opportunity) image-of-open-door

This is a common saying for a plethora of people. Doors can signify so much – from hope to opportunity to even forgetting. In this case, people use it to feel closure. It is a way to forget and move on – opening another door.

3. “I am starting a new chapter in my life.”

Go get your metaphorical pen and paper for this one. How many people have said this coming into college? I believe humans say this to explain their lives a little bit better. In this way, people are able to distinguish new challenges, people, places and keep their own memory book in their head. Think of some common sayings about writing and life. For example: “I just went to Paris! Put that one in the book!” It as if people are mentally making a scrapbook for of their lives, so they have stories to tell when they see other people, or memories to remember when they are older.e036361d5fffaf0d3a7e615af321e0f2



About Tyler Candelora

Tyler Candelora is a first-year student at Bucknell University. He is from Coal Township, PA. He speaks English but is currently learning Spanish, French, and Arabic. Tyler is a comparative humanities and language major.
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