A Glimpse into an English Speaker’s World

Some examples of conceptual metaphors in the English language are “sadness is blue”, “an awkward or controversial topic is an elephant in a room”, and “life is a game”. All three of these metaphors, according to Professor Lakoff, reflect how we view the world.

The first metaphor could potentially reveal that the emotional reaction to the color blue, such as its calming effect, is something we link to sadness. That is to say, we mean that someone seems depressed or down. Sadness and the color blue both have a rather sobering effect.

The second metaphor basically means that that topic is something that people want to avoid, but is simply impossible not to notice. I suppose that this metaphor reveals that we view elephants as huge animals that leave much desired in the way of subtlety.

The last metaphor, indicates that we think that there are losers and winners. We think that we have opponents, but also that we could work together with some people to reach our goal. This metaphor also seems to indicate that life is an enjoyable activity.


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