Cultural Dimensions Dialogue with Chloe!

It is Howard’s first day at work.  He walks into the conference room with his superior Bob and sits down at the head of the table.

H: Good Morning!  My name is Howard and I have two lovely daughters- Gertrude and Eloise.  How’s everyone feeling today?

B:  *Sits adjacent to Howard*  That’s nice.  We can discuss personal matters at another time.

H:  Ok, Bob!  No Problemo!

B: I ask that people call me Mr. Smith.  Now tell me the report, we have to get going.

In this situation Howard is from a low power distance, feminine culture and Bob s from a high power distance, masculine culture.

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Hiya. I am from Grosse Pointe, Michigan and speak English and conversational German. I have traveled to Canada and through the States.
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